Margaret expresses herself through paintings, drawings, cortensteel, and textiles. She uses all of these media to forge artworks informed by her love of world culture and the environment.


March 2017 Red Tree Gallery, Jindivick

This body of work is the result of several trips my husband and I have taken around Australia in recent years. It is inspired by the diversity of landscape, flora and fauna across this wonderful country from Victoria to tropical Northern Queensland and from the East Coast to the West.

The endless horizons inspire an extraordinary sense of freedom as the realities of city life fall away.The simple lifestyle and the rhythms of travelling create a great sense of peace and connection with each other and the land.The vast skies and, especially at night, the Milky Way, makes us think about our place in the universe. It is a time of contemplation, of seeing and experiencing and not always talking.

We are strengthened and come back enriched by our experiences and the amazing people we have met on the way.


Margaret uses acrylic paints, pens, and mixed media on canvas and paper to interpret the world around her.

Metal Garden Sculptures

All of Margaret’s highly decorative cortensteel garden sculptures are individually designed and created using a hand held plasma cutter at her home workshop.



Margaret’s textiles projects are all individually designed and hand-sewn. These projects could be dolls, brooches, embroidered jumpers and vests that are all highly decorated using lots of different motifs and materials. Such as colourful felt, patterned prints, paints, dyes, embroidery threads, wool, beads, seed-beads and buttons.


Photography by Bird