DuBock Funerals, West Brunswick

First commission for 2021. What a lovely way to start the year. I was asked to design a wall panel for a Japanese inspired garden at DuBock Funerals. The wall panel is 175 x 75cm has Japanese maple leaves floating down to the snowed capped Mount Fuji.

Wall Panel now installed

Coburg Primary School Senior Campus – Bike-stand 

Wall panels for Coburg Primary School’s bike stand now installed.

In late June of 2020 I was commissioned to create a wall with three metal panels each measuring 4 x 8 feet for the new school bike-stand. This has involved designing the panels depicting children on a skateboard, scooter or bike riding to school. Shortly after getting this job Melbourne went into lockdown due Covid19. Was installed in September, 2021.

First panel in different stages of production and completion.

Early October I completed the second panel. Here are the latest progress photos.

Then in late October the third panel was completed.

Third panel in different stages of production and completion.

Garden Gate for private home, Coburg

Coburg Primary School Senior Campus – Urquhart School Gate

In 2020 I put in a proposal to make another school gate for the Coburg Primary School, Senior Campus this time for Urquhart Street and I am happy to say it was accepted and was installed in late June of this year.

Urquhart Gate

“KEN” Wall Panel

Over the years I have created many small private commissions.

This particular wall panel memorial being 30 x 30cm x 3mm was for a much loved cat named “KEN”. It was done in the upmost secrecy as it was a surprise birthday present for its owner and I’m glad to say she was happily surprised by it.


Early in 2019, I was commissioned to create a series of corten steel signs for Burke & Wills Folk Festival for Andrew Pattison & Heather McCormack.


In September of 2018 I was commissioned to create a wall panel featuring a lyrebird for Sassafras Tavern as this is it’s logo. The corten steel panel measures 120 x 120cm x 3mm.

ANZAC Memorial for The Coburg Historical Society and Coburg Primary School

The World War 1 Centenary Anniversary Memorial Gates

In early 2017, I was granted a commission to design and create an ANZAC Memorial Gate for The Coburg Historical Society, in partnership with Coburg Primary School in dedication to the memory of the thirty-five pupils of the school who died in World War One.

There once stood an Avenue of Honour dedicated to the memory of these pupils. The school’s choice of trees was significant. Trees represent growth, life and longevity. Planted as seeds and saplings, they would grow older, bigger, stronger in a way that the men they represent could not. Great care was taken to look after these trees but by the early 1960s the avenue of trees were cut down for further development in the school-grounds.

As part of a grant received from an ANZAC Centenary project The Coburg Historical Society and Coburg Primary School commissioned me to design and create a CORTEN steel double gate for Elm Grove in memory of these pupils who attended the school in the 1890s and early 1900s who died in World War One. Important motifs to incorporate in the design of the gates were the thirty-five soldiers and elm trees, wattle, gum leaves and poppies.

  • The thirty-five soldiers cut out in silhouette and leaning against the thirty-five elm trees represent the thirty-five former pupils
  • Wattle tree in flower to symbolise Australia, regrowth and re-generation
  • The poppies are the International symbol of World War One. They also symbolise Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day in Australia.

The World War 1 Centenary Anniversary Memorial Gates were completed later in 2017 and officially opened on 10th October 2017 at a special school assemble.


In 2017 l was commissioned to design & paint a series of mural panels 1m x 1m for Dream Stitches Children’s Play Area, which are now installed.