I had the huge pleasure of being offered an Artist in Residence at Carey Baptist Grammar School in Semester 2, 2018.

This Artist Residency involved working with the Head of Junior School Libby Russell, Senior Art Teacher Mikl Longstaff, Junior Art Teacher Lauren Verde and grade 6 students which would be a lasting memorial to the students of 2018. FOUR OAKS wall panels were installed on the walls of Marion Metcalfe Hall.

We decided on FOUR OAKS for the wall panels as there are many oak trees growing in the school grounds. The oak leaves would represent the students and teachers in their classes. Each panel is 265 x 160cm x 1.6mm weighing 45kg with an oak tree in each panel representing the four grade 6 classes.

Each oak tree symbolises the growth, development and learning each student has achieved in their primary years at Carey.

The panels have an acorn each with the class’s name in it. And each panel has four different groups of Australian fauna represented.

  • 6DS Butterflies / Eagle
  • 6P    Lyrebird / Kookaburra
  • 6F    Possums / Koala
  • 6DF  Magpies / Owl

It is around each of these oak trees the student’s designed their own oak leaf that can be seen by all that pass.

Site drawing for FOUR OAKS installation on Marion Metcalfe Hall


First week of Grade 6 project FOUR OAKS…introduction to how l make cortensteel artwork and the design process for making their own oak leaf.


Final classes with 6F & 6P discussing the importance of The Oak Foundation & what it means to them & the wider community as well as exploring the elements of drawing.


Student leaf designs drawn onto 110 metal oak leaves


Arranging student’s oak leaf designs on the steel then cutting-out…


Cutting out the oak leaves


Chalk drawing one of the wall panel


Cutting out one of the oak trees.


One wall panel with an oak tree finished and three different stages to achieve this.


Attaching the students oak leaves to a wall panel with rivets.


One of the wall panels completely finished.


Detail of one of the wall panels with a possum climbing the oak tree.


Wall panels in the laneway near our workshop.


We couldn’t be happier. Now for the installation on the wall at Carey and all is done.


What a wonderful project and thank you for your support and involvement especially the Grade 6 students of 2018.